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Compared to other regions in the UK and Europe, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly lags behind in terms of the number of people using computers and the internet.

And yet technological developments offer a genuine opportunity to overcome some of the disadvantages of being a rural economy remote from the rest of the UK. Only by developing a strategy to increase the use of information communications technology will the region be able to optimise the opportunities it offers.

This is why information communications technology was central to the success of Objective One, which began the process of developing and implementing a strategy in this field by defining the following objectives:

To support the provision of information services using information communications technologies as a means of increasing public awareness and familiarity with its potential e.g. by developing an internet information and booking service for the leisure and tourism sector
To increase the number of people offered training in this area
To increase the availability of information, guidance and training through information communications technologies - e.g. via the internet or on a CD-Rom
To increase business application of information communications technology as a way of increasing competitiveness - e.g. by promoting electronic transfers / invoicing
To increase the use of electronic services for the delivery of the Objective One programme e.g. by distributing information about the programme on the internet

So, any new facilities built with Objective One funds were expected to have suitable ICT connections and marketing projects needed to consider the potential offered by the internet. Information and advice for organisations wishing to explore the potential offered by the internet was also available. All applicants for funding were asked to consider the potential of information communications technology for their project.

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