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The roles of the Task Force were:

To foster the exchange of good project ideas and good practice between IAP partnerships (including good practice in operational procedures, quality systems and capacity building within IAP teams)
To foster Cornwall-wide projects that promote social inclusion and community regeneration, including projects that help build the capacity of communities to engage actively in the regeneration process
To help identify sources of match-funding for social inclusion and community regeneration projects
To identify any persistent cases of ‘corporate exclusion’ ie particular groups of people or particular localities that appear to be bypassed by Objective One initiatives
To develop and encourage partnership working through regular liaison with external organisations, disseminating available information and sharing best practice across Cornwall

The Task Force role complemented other Objective One strategies and the Integrated Area Plans, providing a focus for community regeneration and social inclusion.

The aims of the Community Futures Task Force strategy were:

To address the specific issues involved in securing re-entry to the labour market of disadvantaged groups
To support small scale, local community initiatives across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, which build confidence and social cohesion
To address the needs of areas with recognised concentrations of deprivation
To build sustainable, prosperous communities with improved local services and community facilities with particular emphasis on the development of the social economy and community enterprise

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