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The Transport Task Force was brought together in June 2000. The approach to Transport infrastructure development was broadly determined through the ‘Connecting Cornwall’ action plan.

‘Connecting Cornwall’
Numerous organisations in the public and private sectors are responsible for the various aspects of communications in Cornwall and ‘Connecting Cornwall’ sought to co-ordinate and develop infrastructure programmes affecting Cornwall.

Some elements of the work were based on the County Council's directly controlled services. Others were campaigns and representations for vital improvements to Cornwall’s infrastructure.

‘Connecting Cornwall’ generated a number of activities:

Partnership initiatives, including district councils
Joint working with Network Rail and other transport service providers
Feasibility studies – economic and market research into the development of options and action plans, and identifying business case investment opportunities
Co-ordinating strategies and activities, between different organisations, businesses and transport operators, identified and prioritised by the group
Assistance and guidance for private sector transport and infrastructure developments eligible for support

‘Connecting Cornwall’ involved activities in the following areas:

1 Strategic and local road connections
2 Strategic and local rail connections
3 Links to ports
4 Public transport improvements
5 Support for economic development initiatives
6 Air transport
7 Sustainable networks (cycling and walking)

‘Connecting Cornwall’ acknowledged that transport infrastructure improvements were important and relevant to Objective One with regard to:

Peripherality – distance and journey times which are a deterrent to inward investment and limit the accessibility to markets and the full range of services available in the UK
Lack of reliability in delivery of goods
Accessibility improvements
Ensuring accessibility to land of the right size, type and location which will lead to a significant increase in employment
Sustainable developments which do not increase dependency on the motor car
Access to employment limited to those who have private motor transport. In some rural areas up to 49% of the unemployed cite lack of transport as the most important constraint to gaining employment
Negative effects on tourism due to congestion and journey time reliability

'Connecting Cornwall’ sought to develop incentives and opportunities that encouraged operators to explore new investments in Cornwall.

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