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The Objective One Fisheries Task Force was set up to encourage the development of projects that would support the needs of the fisheries sector within the Objective One Programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The Task Force prepared a Strategy which provided a framework to help guide project applicants and appraisers alike, as well as attracting additional sources of funding for projects outside the scope of the Objective One Fisheries Programme. The Strategy can be accessed via this website.

The sectors contributing to and benefiting from this Strategy included private companies; public authorities, fishing communities, fishermen’s organisations, associations and co-operatives; and training establishments.

The mission of the Objective One Fisheries Task Force was:

“To ensure the long term economic viability and sustainability of the region’s fishing industry and fishing communities and to increase the value of fish to Cornwall by 40%.”

Within the Strategy, the fishing industry identified seven sectors, which will require development and change over the next few years (until 2010).

Marketing / Promotion
Tourism / Public Awareness

To meet some of the needs of the seven sectors, the Fisheries Task Force identified eight key strategic projects:

1 Commission an Ocean Recovery Plan to identify the future of all fish stocks in the fishing grounds used by the region's vessels, the economic impact on Cornwall and to identify future conservation measures (gear techniques / closed areas etc)
2 Provide a dedicated training co-ordinator for West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
3 Undertake a socio-economic analysis of the fishing industry
4 Develop a self-financing resource centre
5 Provide infrastructure improvements and new premises for fish processing
6 Develop a Seafood Cornwall quality scheme / kitemark.
7 Develop infrastructure projects identified by the Newlyn Regeneration Study
8 Investigate and encourage the provision of a plant to process fish waste

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