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The Isles of Scilly Integrated Area Plan covers the entire Isles of Scilly, which is also the area covered by Council of the Isles of Scilly. The Council is a unitary authority and directly employs one person, the IAP Facilitator, to deliver its IAP projects that are seeking £3.8 million of Objective One funding.

Island life has important implications for future development activity:

1. Location and relative isolation

Scilly is the most south-westerly group of islands in the UK and has an exceptionally unspoilt environment which is without parallel in Europe. The distinctive character of the islands is recognised in a variety of designation - the entire islands are a Conservation Area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Heritage Coast. These characteristics are the backbone of the islands' main industries, tourism and agriculture which, in turn support the movement of all goods and people to/from Scilly.

2. Transport

Transport within Scilly is a major issue because of the absence of fixed links between any of the five islands. The population (size 2,049 persons) and service provision is concentrated on the main island of St Mary's. It is also the location of all the direct transport services to/from the mainland, except Tresco heliport, which hosts a direct service to/from Penzance.

3. Basic Infrastructure

The Council has significant involvement in the ownership and operation of basic infrastructure (notably the sewerage system) - on the UK mainland this is now the responsibility of the private sector. This obviously places great pressure on the local authority’s resources.