Success at work with help from Objective One

October 2002 saw the launch of a new Objective One funded programme aimed at helping people in Cornwall who have a learning disability to gain the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

The £208,326 project is made up with a grant of £93,415 over two years from the Objective One European Social Fund (ESF) with match funding provided by Robert Owen Communities (ROC). This has enabled the company to develop a series of programmes, which will run one day a week for twelve week periods, starting at their centre at Boscawen Farm, Blackwater near Truro.

ROC is a registered charity providing support to people with a learning disability. Based in Devon, ROC has recently begun to develop opportunities for people with a learning disability in Cornwall and 'Success at Work' is one of their first projects.

The programme aims to equip people with the skills, experience and confidence, which will enable them to maximise their work potential and achieve success. The first programme has started with five candidates who will experience a variety of farm-related activities including animal husbandry, construction work, machinery maintenance, horticulture and land improvement. Future programmes will include other types of work activity.

Throughout the programme the emphasis will be on combining job related skills with other personal skills that are necessary in any workplace. These include working as part of a team, accepting responsibility, coping with change, and developing. Each candidate maintains a record of what they have experienced and the progress they have made.

When asked at the end of the first day which activity had been most useful and enjoyable two candidates simply replied “All of it!”

The first 'pilot' programme for five candidates will be completed by the end of the year and lessons learned incorporated into further programmes over the next two years both at Boscawen Farm and other locations throughout Cornwall.

Anyone who may be interested can contact John Higgins, Director of Care Services, ROC Cornwall on 01208 815563 or e-mail: john@roccornwall.fsnet.co.uk.


Editors notes:

European Social Fund (ESF)

The ESF is helping develop employment by promoting employability, the business spirit and equal opportunities and investing in human resources.

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