2002 brings more projects to Looe

The Looe Harbour Commissioners who own and manage the Looe fish market have been awarded a fourth Objective One fisheries grant. The £137,000 grant will be used to provide the fishermen with two new ice plants.

Objective One fisheries money has already been approved for three projects at Looe Harbour. The upgrading of the harbour fog signal and pier light, a fish packing unit upgrade
and a chill room for the storage of fishing bait and fish waste. These projects are set to secure the future of fishing at Looe and demonstrate the Harbour Commissioners' commitment to meeting the needs of the industry.

The provision of ice is extremely important for preserving the quality of the catch. If a good regular supply of ice is available to fishermen, they will take it to sea, use it to preserve the fish they catch, resulting in maximising prices for the fish when it is landed to market.

The new machines will also help speed up the supply of ice to fishing boats, which will shorten waiting times for the fishermen, so they can quickly set off to the fishing grounds.

Alison Elvey, Objective One Fisheries Programme Manager stated, “Modern ice plants can supply fish efficiently and quietly to fishermen. This makes it easier for the fishing fleet to take ice to sea and therefore preserve the catch to the highest quality possible. It is great to see Looe Harbour Commissioners supporting the Looe fishing industry in this way.”

Tina Hicks of the Looe Harbour Commissioners stated, “The Harbour Authority were delighted to learn that a fourth Objective One Fisheries grant had been secured. The Looe Harbour Commissioners believe the fish market is the “Heart of Looe” and foresee a future for both the fishing industry and town alike. They therefore believe in investing in projects to meet the fishing industry's needs. However, due to the current state of the industry, grant support is needed in Looe to meet these needs, and ensure that the Harbour is in a position to support any future developments.”

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