Objective One bringing together interests of wildlife and communities

An innovative project to look at both the interests of Goss Moor as a candidate Special Area of Conservation and a living, working area for its human population has been awarded just over £10,000 of the total cost of £38,000, by Objective One.

The 16-month long ‘Rural Issues and Opportunities’ (RIO) Feasibility Project, is the first step in maximising the benefits of the upgrading and realigning of the A30. The feasibility study aims to help local agricultural businesses and SMEs by identifying new economic opportunities for local rural businesses and possible funding sources and key players for any proposed actions.

The project partnership comprises of English Nature, the Highways Agency, the Environment Agency, and Restormel Regeneration Partnership’s Integrated Area Plan (IAP) team.

Jo Traill Thomson, from English Nature, who is the lead agency, is elated, "The consultation work we have already undertaken will enable us to work further with the community and agencies such as RRP to develop ideas into a number of follow-on integrated and sustainable Objective One projects." Jo has already run several ‘Open Days’ in Roche and St Dennis and some of the ideas that are being looked at include local walks and linking improved local access with county-wide access networks, farm and tourism business initiatives and environmental improvements.

Christine Bainbridge, Programme Manager for the IAP team, is similarly overjoyed, "This is one of the first projects that we started working on and it is the first project that has been approved through the IAP route in Restormel for Objective One funding – apart from us! It is an excellent example of how agencies can work with communities to realise their aspirations for their area. The feasibility study will be central to an integrated framework for the regeneration of the area."

Malcolm Wilkinson, Project Sponsor for the Highways Agency added, "By working in partnership we will maximise the opportunities that arise by drawing on the resources and expertise of all the organisations involved, and are able to take a sustainable and integrated approach."

James Burke, Conservation Officer for the Environment Agency added, "We are delighted to be involved in this partnership as we believe this project will bring benefits over and above what would be achievable through any of the agencies working on their own."

Bert Biscoe, Executive Member for the Environment at Cornwall County Council, concludes, "This project - a 'small step for mankind' - will signal the beginning of the process that will lead to Goss Moor becoming not only one of the finest Nature Reserves in the UK, but will also indicate the extent to which care for the environment can contribute to Cornwall's long term prosperity."


Editors notes:

The RIO Project

RIO is jointly funded by English Nature, Objective One, Highways Agency, Cornwall County Council and the Environment Agency. The sixteen-month initiative came about from the Highways Agency proposal to re-route the A30 to the north of Goss Moor following the announcement that the Moor was to become a candidate Special Area of Conservation, a status afforded to only the top wildlife sites in Europe.

Although Highways Agency is a partner of this initiative it is unrelated to the statutory Environmental Assessment work being undertaken as part of the A30 road improvement.

The proposed new route for the A30 between Innis Downs and Indian Queens is taking the A30 out of Goss Moor and this will make management of the reserve much easier. At the moment for many people Goss Moor means traffic jams and lorries stuck under the iron bridge. The need to upgrade the road to improve safety and travel times has long been recognised and when discussions to make this section of road dual carriageway began the opportunity to improve the nature conservation value of Goss Moor was recognised by English Nature, Highways Agency and the local community.

English Nature is the Government adviser on wildlife and natural features.

Goss Moor is a very special place covering 400 hectares. It has been designated a SAC because of its wet heath, dry heath and Marsh Fritillary butterfly. National Nature Reserves are the jewels in the crown of English nature conservation. Goss is home to woodland and heathland plant communities and many threatened and specialised animals including eighteen species of dragonflies, Dartford Warbler and Curlew.

Restormel Regeneration Partnership

The Objective One funded Integrated Area Plan team was established in February 2001 to deliver the three IAPs for the Restormel area – St Austell Bay, Newquay and its Rural Hinterland and the China Clay area. It can help with developing and supporting community based projects who wish to apply for Objective One funding.

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