Buyers urged to buy recycled materials

How can Cornwall’s big spenders buy sustainably, and prevent further damage to the planet? For most organisations the honest answers are probably “not sure” and “hardly know where to start.”

To begin to tackle the issue of sustainable procurement, Cornwall’s ground breaking project ReMaDe Kernow is inviting senior procurement professionals to an interactive workshop on 31st January.

“This is new territory for most organisations,” said Michael Poole, Director of ReMaDe Kernow, a project of Cornwall’s Waste Working Group. “It will be a hands-on, brains-on workshop. The aim is to enable procurement professionals to tease out the first practical steps in managing their specialised activity sustainably.”

Delegates will come from Cornwall County Council, which helped to organise the event, Cornwall Health Care Trust, and some of the biggest construction companies, colleges and tourist attractions.

“The government is making it increasingly clear that we have got to use the resources we have got more efficiently,” said Michael Poole. “ReMaDe’s job is to develop new markets for recycled materials in Cornwall. So I am keen that local procurement professionals know about new products incorporating recyclate, and the excellent opportunities these present.

“However sustainable procurement goes well beyond the environmental concerns. We need to begin to map out how purchasing can be done in a way that is not damaging to the social and economic aspects of society, as well as the environment, and not just locally but globally as well. How you do that in any big organisation is a real challenge, but one that many now realise will have to be tackled. This workshop is to set the first steps.”

Michael Poole will host the workshop with Dr David Roe who is a Director of Cornwall’s Waste Working Group, and an independent consultant. Both are founder members of Horizon South West and lead its pioneering ‘Sustainable Management’ project in partnership with the national SIGMA project. They have extensive experience of introducing practical waste minimisation and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

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Editors notes:

ReMaDe Kernow is an Objective One funded project of Cornwall’s Waste Working Group. Match funding is provided by County Environmental Trust, South West of England Regional Development Agency, Cornwall Enterprise, Cornwall County Council, and the six local authorities.

The aim of ReMaDe Kernow is to maximise recycling in Cornwall by facilitating the creation and enhancement of local markets for materials, so making possible a radical increase in recycling. This should enable Cornwall to become more prosperous and a better place to live, through the efficient use of materials and the avoidance of waste.


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