Making the most of waste – top team appointed

Cornwall’s groundbreaking Objective One project ReMaDe Kernow (Recycling Market Development) has appointed a top team of three specialists to help deliver a new approach to Cornish waste.

While it’s not the most glamorous of work, it is becoming increasingly important as people in Cornwall wake up to the need to reduce the amount of waste they produce. The benefits from doing so are tremendous in both economic and environmental terms, as the costs of waste are rising, and easy disposal options such as landfill or incineration are reducing.

ReMaDe Kernow is one of the first initiatives in the country to try to develop markets for materials that would otherwise be considered waste. There was considerable interest when the project was first set up by Cornwall’s Waste Working Group (CWWG) subsequently attracting a strong field of applicants for the three jobs created by the project.

The successful candidates, Jon Vernon, Tamasin Battell and Andy Rogers all bring different skills with them, and are managed by Michael Poole, himself one of the leading practitioners in waste minimisation in the country.

Michael says “This is a very special time for Cornwall. Objective One funding, matched with money from County Environmental Trust, the County and District Councils, and the RDA, is creating opportunities which, in waste management, has meant us taking the lead with a remarkable project. It is gratifying to have recruited such a strong team committed to successfully delivering ReMaDe Kernow. Between us we are going to help new and existing business use recycled materials, so cutting out waste – which is becoming a great cost to the environment and the council tax payer.”

Ted Morris, Chairman of CWWG points out that ReMaDe Kernow is not only a ground breaking project in the UK, but is one of several leading edge initiatives the unique Cornish group has begun, including a long term project to develop waste minimisation across the whole Cornish economy and society, and the concept of zero waste “It is great to have recruited such a strong and enthusiastic team to the first of our CWWG projects ReMaDe sits square in the middle of what needs to be done in Cornwall, for without strong new local markets for recycled materials, there is no way of cracking the looming waste crisis.”

The new ReMaDe staff are: Jon Vernon who has a background in banking, and more recently has been researching how to spread best environmental practices among tourism businesses in Cornwall for a PhD. He will provide the expertise for ReMaDe projects that need business plans and advice on funding to help set up or expand their operations.

Tamasin Battell is a graduate of Camborne School of Mines with a degree in Environmental Sciences who has been working in Environmental consultancy in Cornwall since qualifying. She will be responsible for much of ReMaDe’s research requirements.

The third member of the team, Andy Rogers, was a Royal Naval engineer, and subsequently gained a first in Environmental Sciences. Consultancy and project leadership with the Groundwork Trust in industrial waste minimisation and environmental management has provided experience that will prove invaluable in assessing technical production requirements for processors and manufacturers.

Facing the challenge

Meeting Government targets on recycling of waste is a huge challenge for Cornwall, but Michael Poole believes that ReMaDe Kernow is an initiative that has hit a vital nerve “Common sense says that recycling only works properly when there are viable, local markets for materials that can be collected - uses that stand up commercially. That’s what ReMaDe sets out to develop. “People’s outlook on waste is starting to change with the appreciation of the personal responsibility we all have for both cutting waste creation, and using good materials well, so that they do not become waste. That means it’s a great opportunity for ReMaDe Kernow to make an impact.

We’ve got the team, we’ve got the funding, and we already have a lot of project ideas – but anybody with ideas to use recycled materials in anyway should get in touch.”

A series of workshops is scheduled in January which will focus on some of the recyclable materials that have been prioritised by the ReMaDe team; subjects being covered will include: plastics – introducing re-processed plastics to Cornish industry, glass - its use as a construction material, and ‘sustainable procurement’.

A website and promotional materials about the work of ReMaDe Kernow are in production.

ReMaDe Kernow can be contacted on 01579 349316.


Editors notes:

ReMaDe Kernow is a first year project that has been developed by Cornwall’s Waste Working Group.

Funded by £137,000 Objective One grant, £40,000 Regional Development funding through the South West Regional Development Agency, £30,000 through Cornwall Enterprise and £3,000 from Cornwall County Council and the six District Authorities.

County Environmental Trust funded the pilot phase of ReMaDe Kernow, and has contributed a further £65,000 for this next phase. A further £half million has been earmarked for the project, provided the economic impacts are achieved, for future development.

For further information contact:
Michael Poole: 01579 349316
Mobile: 07813 177985
Email: mike.remade@cwwg.co.uk


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