Marconi centenary gathers momentum

Plans to mark the centenary of Marconi’s first trans-Atlantic wireless signal, sent from Poldhu in Cornwall, to Newfoundland in Canada on 12 December 1901 are reaching completion.

This historic event will be commemorated on both sides of the Atlantic. At Poldhu, celebrations will feature the following:

  • The official opening of the new Marconi Centre, which is the realisation of a joint project between the National Trust, Marconi plc and Poldhu Amateur Radio Club, with funding assistance from the Objective One Partnership for Cornwall and Scilly;

  • An attempt by students from Thunderer Squadron, the Royal Navy’s Engineering Sponsorship Scheme based at Southampton University, to construct an authentic ‘spark-gap transmitter’ similar to that used by Marconi and then to send the letter ‘S’ in Morse code across the Atlantic;

  • The exchange of celebratory messages between Poldhu and radio amateurs throughout the world; culminating in the anniversary transmission itself at 4pm. It is planned that this will include messages of greeting from the Canadian government and Heads of State and will involve Marconi’s daughter, The Princess Elettra Marconi and his grandson, Prince Guglielmo Marconi.


    Editors notes:

    For information please contact Debbie Peers, Press Officer, The National Trust, Cornwall: Tel: (+44) (0) 1208 265225/Fax : (+44) (0) 1208 77887/Email: crodcp@smtp.ntrust.org.uk.

    Regular news about the Marconi Centre may be found at www.mulliononline.com

    For information relating to Thunderer Squadron’s transmission, please contact Rachel Joint, Royal Navy Public Relations: Tel: (+44) (0) 23 92 727116 or refer to www.atlantic-leap.org


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