Pathways project hits Penwith streets

This week (Monday) saw the launch of the Penwith Pathways to Employment project. Cornwall Action Team for Jobs and Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change have joined forces to provide outreach employment and training support in four wards in Penwith.

Jobless people will be offered innovative and flexible support to get back on the path to work and to access employment, training and skills development. In addition there will be community development work with residents in the four wards based around a series of community projects.

The project will run for two years and cost just over £700,000. A grant of nearly £317,000 for the project has come from the European Social Fund after being approved through the Objective One programme.

The Penwith Pathways project builds on the success of the PATH Project in Hayle.

Mark and Tracey Arnell both had support from PATH. Tracey said: “Thanks to the support we received from PATH. We are now looking forward to enjoying a more positive, brighter future. Mark has secured full-time work as a driver for Truronian and I have been able to start some part-time work. The PATH project is brilliant, really flexible and easy to approach. I’d recommend it to anyone”

The Pathways Project will be delivered by a dynamic team of employment advisers and community development staff. It is spearheaded by the Employment Service’s Cornwall Action Team and Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change. The project will be working across four wards. These are St Ives North and Penzance Central, East and West wards. Special features of the project will be:

Financial support to assist in buying training, tools, childcare and any other support needed for people to move towards employment
Benefits and in-work benefits advice
Personal support to identify opportunities and training needs
Local partnerships with private and public sector employers
Initiatives to match local recruitment needs with local recruits
Community development projects around the development of neighbourhood skills in areas like youth work, play, childcare

Melville Durrant, Chair of Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change, said: “This project brings the benefits of the Objective One funding within the reach of many people. They will be able to benefit from its activities and get onto pathways to employment. This will improve their chances of accessing new job opportunities to be created through Objective One.”

The project will run for two years in the first instance. It is funded by the Cornwall Action Team and the European Social Fund.

The freephone number for further information on the project is 0800 085 5170.

Editors notes:

Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change is a new resident-led regeneration company working with residents in social housing in Penwith and Kerrier. It is backed by Devon and Cornwall Housing Association, Kerrier Homes Trust, Penwith Housing Association and the Housing Corporation. For further information contact: Fergus Murray 01736 334931, Mobile 07754 813771, fergusmurray@compuserve.com.

The Cornwall Action Team is a part of the Employment Service working in partnership with community groups to promote social inclusion through overcoming barriers to work. Jobless people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods receive support enabling them to develop skills and take advantage of employment opportunities. Contact: Carolyn Webster 01726 29408, mobile 07971 996564.

The Penwith Pathways project is funded by the Cornwall Action Team and the European Social Fund. Total funding is just over £700,000 over two years.

For further information on the Cornwall and Scilly Objective One Programme contact Jason Clark at Deborah Clark and Associates Ltd on 01872 276276.


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