Objective One helps fund recycling revolution

A Cornish initiative designed to bring about a recycling revolution and cut the volume of material going into landfill sites has got the go-ahead through Objective One.

ReMaDe Kernow (REcycling MArket DEvelopment) is a groundbreaking project looking at how we can reuse material rather than squander it and create new markets for materials currently regarded as waste.

In addition to Objective One support, the project will get funding from the South West of England Regional Development Agency (SWRDA), Cornwall Enterprise, the county and district councils and from landfill tax credits through County Environmental Trust.

Michael Poole, Director of ReMaDe Kernow, said: “This is a completely new approach to materials. It is all about grasping the economic opportunities for Cornwall that arise because the times we live in are changing fast.

“Throwing away good materials is becoming prohibitively expensive, and set to become more so. It makes excellent sense to work with the engineering properties already embodied in such materials, sort out the specifications needed by industry, for existing and new products, and source that material locally at the right price and quantity.”

He commented: “Already glass bottles are going into asphalt, as well as being made into high value drinking glasses. There are masses of technical possibilities – plastics into bitumen, designer compost to grow a Forest for Cornwall on derelict and contaminated land, moulded pulp products. Our job will be to sort the wheat from the chaff and get good projects into action.”

Mr Poole added: “We all know landfill space is fast running out, we’ve all seen the debate on waste to energy, and how on every scenario that highlights the need for much greater recycling.”

As a project of Cornwall’s Waste Working Group, itself an independent Cornwall-wide group specialising in waste management issues, ReMaDe Kernow aims to:

  • Help Cornish businesses exploit market opportunities arising from the re-use of materials

  • Encourage and assist capital investment in new reprocessing capacity in Cornwall

  • Develop new added-value markets for secondary use materials in Cornwall

  • Develop new products incorporating materials from the Cornish waste streams

  • Expand the environmental technology sector – creating jobs, new businesses, and improving the viability of the Cornish economy

  • Maximise the rates of recycling

    Opportunity for brightest and best

    Mr Poole said: “We are starting to recruit for three new posts this week. This is a great opportunity for the brightest and best of young Cornish people to make a career tackling one of the real challenges of our age.”

    ReMaDe Kernow will receive £137,000 in the first year from Objective One, plus £40,000 Regional Development Programme funding through the SWRDA, £30,000 through Cornwall Enterprise, and £3,000 from Cornwall County Council and the six district authorities.

    ReMaDe has already been funded through its pilot phase by County Environment Trust, with landfill tax contributions paid by County Environmental Services. CET will provide a further £45,000 to this next phase.

    Provided the first year is successful in proving the economic case for this new kind of market development, ReMaDe has in principle agreement for further funding of up to £540,000 in the following two years.

    “This is a major challenge, and a major opportunity,” said Michael Poole. “Even to meet government targets on recycling municipal waste will need a 400% increase in UK reprocessing capacity by 2015. That is a huge challenge. Industry is also being faced with difficult waste hurdles. So this is not a quick fix. ReMaDe needs to be a long-term project creating a major shift in how we use the world’s resources.

    “The real question is, ‘can we be more prosperous, by being less profligate’? To answer that ReMaDe will tackle the practical nuts and bolts of market development solutions. But we will also play our part in hastening the cultural shift that is happening around us.”

    Dan James of Cornwall Enterprise commented: “We are delighted to be involved with such an important project. We expect it to have a significant impact on the economic development of Cornwall.”


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