Funds for environmental excellence

Over £1.5 million is being made available through Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Objective One Programme to ensure the successful development, through research, of the environmental sector.

Nearly half the money is coming from the European Social Fund (ESF), and the project brings together some of the most important academic institutions, environmental trusts and private businesses in the sector, all sharing the commitment to continued environmental research, enhancement and application.

Spearheaded by the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines), with important links with the Combined Universities in Cornwall, the project is supported by the Environment Agency, County Environmental Trust, CSM Trust, Anglo American plc, ABB Offshore Systems Limited, and Rio Tinto plc.

At the heart of the project is recognition of the international expertise that already exists in Cornwall in earth and environmental sciences. This recognition is echoed by the Objective One requirement all projects must ensure that environmental best practice is included in their project bids.

Director of Research at Camborne School of Mines, Dr Duncan Pirrie, explains, “Anglo American and Rio Tinto are two of the world’s biggest mining companies, and provide an excellent example of the kind of huge importance of the work we are developing here in Cornwall. Increasingly businesses, whether global or local, are seeking the most sustainable development and management of the earth’s resources.

For mining companies, environmental management is their biggest single issue, and our project will ensure that from Cornwall we can provide essential knowledge and expertise which is relevant for the county, but which will also enhance our international reputation in the environmental management sector.”

This environmental research project is welcomed as a significant step in further establishing Cornwall’s developing environmental credentials. Not only will it lead to the publication of ground-breaking research, it will also secure 17 academic posts for the county, contributing to the capacity of the Camborne School of Mines and the Combined Universities in Cornwall.

Objective One programme director Bill Bawden adds, “This is an important project and shows how the programme is starting to knit together some key themes; now we can not only claim to be committed to sustainable environmental development, we are developing the expertise to prove it, and supporting the Combined Universities in Cornwall at the same time.

Clusters of environmental businesses, with the people and the infrastructure to support them will be an exciting part of Cornwall’s future.”


Editors notes:

The funding of the Environmental Research:

ESF-£700,441;Environment Agency-£40,740; University of Exeter (CSM)-£257,852; University of Exeter ('In kind')(CSM)-£244,194;CSM Trust-£87,200;Anglo American plc-£55,084;County Environment Trust-£18,000; ABB Offshore Systems Limited-£15,000; Rio Tinto plc-£138,800; Total-£1,557,311

The project is designed to take advantage of the business opportunities afforded by growing demand for environmental goods, processes and services.

To achieve this the project will:

  • Provide expert services in environmental management systems and practices

  • Provide technological solutions to existing environmental problems

  • Provide technologies for eco-efficient and clean production

  • Generate expertise relevant to high valued-added, high growth knowledge-based industries

  • Generate expertise relevant to high valued-added, high growth technologically advanced industries

  • Afford opportunities to gain knowledge/skills in environmental management and technologies


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