Objective One money helps protect Scilly environment

A project to improve waste disposal on the Isles of Scilly and cut potentially harmful emissions has been approved for nearly £500,000 in Objective One funding.

The WISE project, which has been developed by the Council of the Isles of Scilly, will lead to the installation of a secondary burn chamber at the Porthmellon incinerator on St Marys.

The additional burn chamber will help the plant to reduce exhaust gas and particulate emissions in line with new, tougher laws on waste incineration. The project will also be the first component of an energy recovery system that will dispose of waste in a more environmentally friendly way and then recycle the energy generated.

Neville Gardner from the council said: “Without this project, the Isles of Scilly would have to ship all waste to the mainland at a much higher cost than the purchase of the chamber. The arrangements for transporting the waste would also be noisy and visually damaging as container facilities would be required in the harbour area at St Marys – which could impact on the attractiveness of the islands to tourists.”

Mr Gardner said it was hoped that energy from the incinerator could be used in future for purposes like helping to heat local schools and provide municipal electricity.

The project is to get a grant of £465,000 from the European Regional Development Fund through Objective One, with the council providing £500,000 in funding.

Work on the new chamber is already under way and proceeding on schedule. The project should be completed by the beginning of August.


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