Objective One review published

The facts on what the Objective One programme achieved in 2000 and the £22.35 million in funding allocated by the end of the year have just been published.

The figures put Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s at the top of the league for committed spend in comparison with other UK Objective One Programmes in the UK.

Cornwall County Council’s leader, Pippa Englefield, added: “This is brilliant news which should go a long way to silencing the doubters who have been criticising the Objective One programme. It is clear evidence that Objective One is working and working very well in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We have achieved a huge amount in the first year and will now build on these successes in the remaining seven years of the programme.”

The new leaflet 'Review of the Year 2000' summarises all projects announced by the end of last year as well as details of work by programme’s task forces on individual sectors such as agriculture and tourism. A total of 36 projects were approved in the period, with a further 88 projects advancing through the system and hundreds more in development.

Programme Director Bill Bawden said: “This will let the people of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly see for themselves how the programme is working.

“There have been frustrations about the slow start and the complexity involved in getting funding. However, the figures will show that we have already allocated almost half the budget for 2000 after just five months – and, because the programme did not start until the end of July, we have until the end of 2001 to commit the rest of that money.

Mr Bawden added: “With more good projects coming forward, we are confident of meeting all expenditure targets and making the most of Objective One funds.”

The leaflet also gives details of all the funding allocated to the Integrated Area Plans that will be the most important route for community groups to access funding and to pay for the management and delivery of the programme as a whole.

Copies will be available from all public libraries and most council offices or can be ordered direct from the Objective One Helpline on 0800 028 0120. Details about the programme and the projects funded so far can also be found on the website www.objectiveone.com.


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