Time to switch on Cornwall and Scilly for the e-future

A new vision is about to be unveiled for how Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly can join the ongoing e-revolution – providing a people-centred but world-class approach to Information Communications Technology.

Included in this strategy for enabling this vision are proposals to set up a not-for-profit stakeholder company – made up of companies that are able and willing to put their resources into providing creative and innovative solutions to the region’s developing ICT demands.

A task force co-ordinator is to be appointed to co-ordinate delivery of the detailed strategy, advise task forces set up through Objective One and guide applicants seeking European funding via the programme.

The new strategy is the result of work by the Objective One task force set up to look at how the region can benefit from the opportunities offered by Information Communications Technology (ICT).

ICT is also one of the three “cross cutting themes” for Objective One that every project applying for European funding through the programme has to take into account.

The document has already been issued to a number of key organisations within the region and will be published in full today, Wednesday 17th January.

The task force is chaired by Nigel Ashcroft from Cornwall Enterprise, who said: “The aim of this strategy is to empower individuals, businesses and communities and equip them with the necessary understanding, knowledge, skills and infrastructure.

“Taking this approach will enable the aspirations and ideas of key groups to be co-ordinated in a way that helps meet their objectives and accelerate growth in the local economy.

That way, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will be able to embrace the benefits of ICT relevant to their own needs.”

Mr Ashcroft added: “The principles at the heart of the approach are that it must be people-centred, offering equal opportunities to all groups and any physical works should be in keeping with Cornwall’s quality environment.”

The key priorities identified in the strategy are: to raise the competitiveness of business; increase access to learning opportunities; develop community capacity; enhance knowledge transfer and incubation; and programme management and improved public consultation.

Now that the strategy has been agreed, the next step will be for the task force to appoint the co-ordinator and set-up the framework to support the stakeholder company.

The task force includes representatives from BT, Cornwall County Council, Digital Peninsula Network, Lynn File Associates and PROSPER. Other organisations involved in the consultation included the South West of England Regional Development Agency, the NHS, St Austell College, Imerys, Kerrier District Council, Plymouth University, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Learning Partnership and Pentreath Industries.

For a full copy of the strategy contact the Objective One Helpline on 0800 028 0120 or visit the programme’s website www.objectiveone.com.


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