Creating a common vision for Maritime Carrick

A unique meeting takes place tomorrow (Friday) when over 40 organisations gather for the first time to debate the best way to build a common vision for the future of the Fal Estuary.

The debate is part of a process set up by Carrick District Council to develop their community strategy for the area designated as Maritime Carrick. The meeting, which takes place in Devoran, will also concentrate on the opportunities offered through Objective One.

Participants will talk about how to obtain the greatest value from the European funding available by developing projects that complement each other, rather than individual schemes that may be in competition.

Carrick chief executive John Winskill said: “I personally believe Objective One offers an immense opportunity to create a route by which we can work with the estuary’s unique environment and achieve integrated and sustainable economic development.

“By focusing on Maritime Carrick we are trying to truly recognise the importance of our ports, marine industry and maritime tourism to our local economy.

“We also need to consider the importance local people attach to the coastal and marine environment for their quality of life and its contribution to leisure activities for people of all ages.”

Those invited to the meeting have been selected as just a sample of the many and diverse interests from Maritime Carrick, following initial work by a consultant working with Cornwall Rural Community Council.

Mr Winskill explained that the next step would be to absorb all the views and comments put forward at the meeting and then expand the process to consult even more widely in the New Year.

He said: “We do not want to exclude anyone from the process. The future of Maritime Carrick affects very many people and if our strategy is to be successful we have to make sure everyone’s views are taken into account.”

A tremendous opportunity

One of the speakers at the meeting will be Objective One programme director Bill Bawden.

Mr Bawden said: “Objective One is about building new partnerships and learning to think long-term about our future rather than everyone working in isolation. It’s about thinking creatively and doing things differently.

“This meeting and the development of a common strategy for Maritime Carrick is a prime example of the way forward.”

Among the groups represented at tomorrow’s meeting will be the National Trust, English Heritage, Falmouth Town Centre Forum, port and harbour officials from Truro and Falmouth, South West Water and the Environment Agency.

There will also be representative from five parish councils, Falmouth Residents Association, Penryn Vision, Port of Falmouth Sailing Association, Falmouth and Penryn Town Councils, Truro City Council and officers from various departments of Carrick and the County Council.


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