Trevenson Hall cuts the turf for a new £350,000 community facility at Pool

Following the award of a recent Objective One grant of £122,000, the Trevenson Community Project headed up by Trevenson Church is now ‘live’. Today, Wednesday 18 September, at Trevenson Churchyard, Bishop of Truro Bill Ind cut the turf for this project and blessed the enterprise.

" Being here today at the start of building is tremendously exciting. Through my Objective One responsibilities I am aware of so much that is going on in Cornwall today to build a better future for us all. For the local church and community to take such a leading role in building a gateway of opportunity for the entire local community to take advantage of all that is happening and is going to happen in this area is a wonderful achievement."

The project is to build an ICT-enabled regeneration resource centre for the people of Pool and the surrounding area. It is planned to be one of a network of community and village / church hall facilities working together to facilitate social and economic regeneration in an area critically impacted by significant pockets of poor housing, ill health and high unemployment.

Using leading edge IT capability, the Centre will offer a permanent computer suite to facilitate community access to information, learning and jobs. In contrast to the recycled premises usually available to community projects, this centre will be a high quality, purpose built and adaptable facility. It will have fully equipped kitchen facilities, a community reception/information welcome desk and a café/meeting/group work area. The Centre is scheduled to open next Easter. In its first phase it will deliver a Jobs Club and Jobs Information point, supported by the local CAT Job Centre at Redruth, a computer skills learning and IT familiarity facility supported by CPR College, and a Community Office.

The Community Office will provide telephone, fax, e-mail, computer and photocopying/publishing services for community projects, and will be directed by the Crofty Community Forum. Doreen Smith, Chairman of the Forum, says: "This is just what we need, a permanent home and the tools to work with in first class surroundings. Over the last 4 years Forum members have raised over £600,000 for projects in the Tuckingmill, Carn Brea and Pool area. We now have the opportunity to build on this success, to share our contacts and know-how and give tangible help to the many new and exciting local community projects now looking for support."

Raising funds for the venture has been a 4-year task. Richard Leonard, Volunteer Project Officer, comments: "This is a tremendous vote of confidence by national and European funders in the ability of the people of this local community to help themselves. It must be taken together with what is happening at Tolvaddon, at the University/CPR College, and what the CPR Urban Regeneration Company will deliver in 'Powerhouse Pool'.

We are looking not to be simply another long-term support to the more disadvantaged in the local community, but to contributing to a real change to the local equation, by providing a gateway to a new and permanently improved social and economic deal for the people of this area. New skills for new jobs, better wages and more leisure opportunities.

"The people of the parish and community have raised and donated over £25,000 to this project, a magnificent sum for a deprived area. It is on the back of this effort that the final total of £350,000 has been achieved. As well as the European Regional Development Fund (Objective One), other principal funders include the National Lottery Community Fund and the Church Urban Fund. Other significant contributors are The Rank Foundation, the Garfield Weston Foundation, The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, and the Central Church Fund of the Church of England. Kerrier District Council and CPR College Community Education have been and are still being tremendously supportive with resources and time. We thank them all for their generosity and their belief in this community."

Linda Mortimer, Head of Community Education comments: "We are pleased to be involved with this project and have been working to offer low cost introduction to computing courses for local people, where they can learn in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. We look forward to continuing this provision in the new centre."

St Illogan Rector Mike Kippax comments: "Congratulations to the Trevenson team and a massive thanks to them all for their sterling efforts in bringing this project to life. It just goes to show how much can be achieved by a community working together in the best Christian traditions of helping your neighbour."

Stephen Horscroft, Community Regeneration Officer at Kerrier District Council, comments: "This is a key project and a critical early deliverable of the Tin Country Integrated area plan. It has been planned under the guidance of the Carn Brea Regeneration Advisory Committee and will open the door to closer involvement with regeneration for the local community. The Kerrier Regeneration Team are delighted to be part of Objective 1 in action and will continue to support this project."

Richard Leonard comments: "We are working with a number of groups to ensure what we deliver is what is needed. The Kerrier Healthy Living Centre, Pool School, The Guinness Trust, Carn Brea House and the Crofty Community Forum have all had input. The Mothers Union has already signed up. Phase 2 of usage envisages a parent/children interaction and learning facility, and local clubs and societies. The community itself will determine exactly what is delivered, and as the area develops and progresses, the package will change. Get involved and help shape the future."


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