Objective One helps Cornish chicken firm build £3 million processing plant

A 3 million project to construct a high capacity poultry processing plant near Camelford will create 51 new jobs over the next six years thanks to Objective One funding.

Following the completion of an Objective One-funded feasibility study earlier this year, Cornish Chicken farmer Clive Davis is delighted by the news that he has been granted more than three-quarters of a million pounds of Objective One funding to enable him to construct a 3 million poultry processing plant at Trevilla Park, Camelford.

The new 2,000 metre facility will enable Camel Valley Poultry to satisfy the increasing demand for premium quality chicken. The company will be able to process up to 2,830,000 birds annually under a system that ensures a high standard of animal welfare for birds produced both on the farm and also by local bird suppliers.

The construction of the new facilities was necessary to enable the company to expand and secure its long-term future. Currently employing 25 full and part-time staff to process 150,000 birds a year, the plant was working at its full capacity allowed under its licence. To increase the number of birds processed whilst meeting European poultry licensing guidelines, a new processing plant was required.

Commenting on the importance of the funding to enable the company to increase its processing capacity, Camel Valley director Clive Davis said: "
Our existing business was unable to grow any more due to the constraints of our low throughput licence. The transition of expanding our processing plant to gain a full throughput licence required considerable investment, which would not have been possible without funding assistance from Objective One."

The plant's expansion will provide 51 new jobs over the next six years, with many more regular full time employment opportunities produced at local poultry farms to meet the plant's increased requirement for birds. The project will also include training for existing and new staff to ensure the highest levels of quality and animal welfare.

Currently Camel Valley produce around a third of all chickens processed on its own farm. Because this capacity will not be increasing in line with the expansion, local farmers will benefit from the ability to produce birds locally which can then be processed in Cornwall. Local farmers looking for an alternative profitable use of their land are also likely to be attracted to the prospect of rearing poultry for Camel Valley, an increasing amount of which will be organic.

David Rodda of the Objective One Agricultural Development Team described the importance of the funding to both the company and the many people in the local rural community that will benefit: "The creation of the new processing plant at Camel Valley is an important step in regenerating the poultry meat industry in Cornwall. The funding will enable the company to ensure its long-term viability and security, whilst directly and indirectly providing vital jobs in the local agricultural community.

Modern building materials will be used to insulate the new plant, with energy consumption minimised through use of an energy recovery system that will use heat given off during the refrigeration process to heat water for use within the plant.

The project has been approved for a 763,550 grant from the Objective One European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF), with match funding coming from the Department of Food, Environment & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Work on the construction of the new facility is due to start in the new few weeks and is due for completion by Easter 2003.


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