Planning your business success in Restormel - made easy thanks to Objective One

Dr John Richings has been appointed to the post of Restormel Business Adviser, to lead a one year pilot scheme which has been awarded nearly £20,000 from Objective One towards a total project cost of £40,000.

The project, which is being managed by Mid-Cornwall Enterprise Trust (MCET), recognises that a lack of a business plan or difficulty obtaining funding can severely damage the growth of many small businesses - entrepreneurial owner/managers are often ‘work-a-holics’ and too busy dealing with the day to day running of their business to produce a business plan, or they may need support with the necessary skills and vision. John will be able to advise start up and established business in the Restormel area on what help is available for training, grants and other funding and on creating business plans

The project funding, which includes money from Restormel Borough Council, has been secured with the help of Restormel Regeneration Partnership’s Integrated Area Plan (IAP) Team, who work with communities and businesses to access Objective One.

John has many years experience both in small entrepreneurial businesses and blue chip, multi-nationals, and was previously Sales and Marketing Director with Comp Air Maxam in Redruth.

Alan Moore, Director of MCET, said: “This new initiative will enable MCET to broaden the support and service it provides to small businesses in Restormel, helping them to grow their businesses and creating new employment opportunities.”


Editors notes:

A photograph of Dr John Richings, Restormel Business adviser, can be viewed in the RRP 'News' section by clicking on Restormel on the 'Your Area' map.

Background Information
Mid Cornwall Enterprise Trust

  • Mid-Cornwall Enterprise Trust's mission is to provide free and unfettered advice to small businesses
  • Sponsorship funds enable us to provide our services without charge whilst operating independently of any particular lobby group. Sponsorship is received from Local Authorities, major businesses operating in Cornwall, the UK Government and the European Community.
  • Mid-Cornwall Enterprise are contractors for the Small Business Service which provides one-to-one confidential assistance for pre-start, early years and established businesses facing challenges to their growth.
  • Our Business advisers are all IBA Accredited and have personal experience of running a small business. They can thus empathise with our clients and provide a quality, confidential and unbiased business advice service.

    Restormel Regeneration Partnership

  • Restormel Regeneration Partnership was established in 2000, with the object of making Restormel ‘…a more prosperous and lively area..’ by making maximum use of the opportunities for regeneration.
  • Integrated Area Plans (IAPs) are the way in which Objective One can help communities. These are the plans that integrate the economic, social and environmental aspects of the Objective One programme into a framework for use in a specific area. There are eleven plans throughout Cornwall, three of which (St Austell Bay, China Clay Area, and Newquay & its Rural Hinterland) are covered by Restormel.
  • The Objective One funded Integrated Area Plan team was established in February 2001 to deliver the three IAPs for Restormel. It can help with developing and supporting community based projects who wish to apply for Objective One funding.
  • The RRP team is funded by Objective One, the South West of England Regional Development Agency, Imerys, Restormel Borough Council, and Health Action Zone

    Contact: Dr John Richings
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    Fax: 01726 814251
    e-mail: enterprise@mcet.demon.co.uk

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