Good news for Penwerris residents

The Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership and the Carrick Integrated Area Plan team are celebrating after receiving approval from Objective One for over £70,000 for the 'Penwerris Community Regeneration Project'. The project will support the employment of a full time Project Co-ordinator and a trainee assistant, for three years, to provide continued support and guidance to the residents of the Penwerris ward in Falmouth.

The focus of community development initiatives within the ward to date has been mainly on the Beacon and Old Hill estates, and an important element of this project is to expand the current support offered so that it benefits the residents of the whole Penwerris Ward. The Co-ordinator and Trainee will be based in the Beacon Community Resource Centre, in the centre of the ward. This project will also increase the physical capacity of the Resource Centre by funding the conversion of a small store room to create additional meeting space. This project will have a significant impact on the work of the Partnership, allowing them to plan ahead and develop community initiatives that will have a real impact on the lives of residents in the Ward. The project, which costs almost £150,000 in total, is also funded by the SW Regional Development Agency, Cornwall County Council, Carrick District Council, the Central Cornwall Primary Care Trust, Nye Bevan and the Paul Getty Foundation

Graham Whitfield, Chair of the Beacon Partnership, says: “This award is great news for the Partnership. Up to now most of our time as been spent looking for funding to keep us going for another year. Getting three years funding will allow us to get on with the job we started and not worry about how we are going to pay the next bill that comes through the door. The help we have been given by the Carrick IAP Team has made this possible, they are a great team who have worked very hard to get Objective One money into the area”

The project is the fourth successful Objective One project for the Carrick IAP Team who are responsible for working closely with the private, public and voluntary sector to develop successful Objective One projects which will regenerate the local area. The Penwerris ward within Falmouth is a priority area for Objective One and Sarah Kerkin, IAP Development Officer with the Carrick Team is keen to continue the close working relationship with the Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership in order to obtain the maximum benefit for the local residents of the area.

If you wish to find out more about the Objective One projects under development within the Penwerris area or elsewhere within Carrick please contact the IAP Team on 01872 224428 or via e-mail at iap@carrick.gov.uk.

For further information about The Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership please contact The Community Resource Centre on 01326 212784.


Editors notes:

1. Objective One will provide capital and revenue funding for Penwerris Community Regeneration Project. Match funding will be provided by the SW Regional Development Agency (almost £45,000 from the Single Regeneration Budget 6), Cornwall County Council, Carrick District Council, Nye Bevan and the Paul Getty Foundation. The total project cost is £147,267 of which Objective One (European Regional Development Fund) will provide 50%.

2. Carrick’s IAP Team is funded by Objective One, the South West of England Regional Development Agency, Cornwall County Council and Carrick District Council. The team are employed and managed by Rural Economic Partnership Ltd which is a subsidiary of Cornwall Enterprise, a local authority company controlled by Cornwall County Council.

The Carrick IAP Team comprises a Programme Manager, an Office Assistant and four IAP Development Officers who are each responsible for covering the following geographical areas and act as a first point of contact for project

North Coast Area - George Collinge, 01209 891783

Truro Area - Mel Richardson, 01872 224604

Falmouth Area - Sarah Kerkin, 01872 224568

Penryn and the Roseland Area - Vacancy, 01326 376171

The IAP Officers work from offices within the community whilst Cath Horton, the Programme Manager, and Helen Parsons, the Office Assistant, are based at Carrick House in Truro and can be contacted on 01872 224428, or via e-mail at iap@carrick.gov.uk. Further information can be found on-line by visiting the SPIDER website at www.spider.carrick.gov.uk.

For further information contact:

Cath Horton, Carrick IAP Programme Manager on 01872 224541


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