‘Girl Patricia ’ satellite grant

The ‘Girl Patricia’ based in Newlyn and owned by the Williams family has been awarded a second Objective One Fisheries grant of £1,800 to install satellite communication equipment. This system will be used to receive and transmit e-mails, fax and telex’s, enabling the crew to contact fish merchants to find out the latest prices and therefore the best time to land.

The system can download current fish prices, other boat movements and landings, and buyers can be updated with information of the fish caught by the vessels.

In addition, being able to communicate at sea is vital so that the crew have accurate weather forecasts and are able to send a distress call if necessary. Family contact will also be improved, which will reduce the worry for both families and the fishermen themselves when they are away at sea for long periods.

The satellite systems have a better scope compared to mobile phones that fail when out of range, which can be frustrating for the crew and buyers.

Alison Elvey Objective One Fisheries Programme Manager said: “It is the fishermen who are the first link in the chain of getting fish to our plates. Fishermen need to maximise their income as much as possible, especially with limited fish stocks. This type of satellite communication system can ensure fishermen can land to the market when the price is right. The importance of safety and peace of mind for crews and their families should never be underestimated in this dangerous industry. Any equipment that can help reduce worry should be encouraged.”

Michael Williams owner of the Girl Patricia stated: “Fishing is an integral part of community life in Newlyn. Fishermen, due to the nature of their job have very strong family values. The communication network between the boat at sea and families left ashore is vital for both the security of the boat and comfort for the family at home. Additional advantages of the system would be the instant transferral of data on position, fish prices and species required, all of which would enhance the professionalism of the industry.”

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