Camel Fish Objective One grant award

Camel Fish, the Rock based fish processing plant, has recently been awarded an Objective One Fisheries Grant for over £900. The grant will go towards the purchase of a new ice making machine.

The company owned by Paul and Sandra Blewett is in its twelfth year of trading and not only exports products to France, Spain and Portugal but wholesales crabs, lobsters and crayfish all over the UK to restaurants and hotels.

The new machine will make the ice on site, which will ensure that the shellfish are kept at the highest quality possible. This will not only make ice readily available, but also remove the costs of storing ice and transporting it.

The ice machine will guarantee that enough ice is produced to save fish from being destroyed by storing it at the correct temperature. Wastage of prime wet fish occurs when fish bought by the company, cannot be delivered to customers on the same day.

Alison Elvey Objective One Fisheries Programme Manager commented: “Projects which improve the quality of locally landed fish all help to ensure that each fish gains maximum prices possible and no fish is wasted. This is good for the Cornish fishing industry as a whole.”

Mr Blewett, Camel Fish owner stated: “We are delighted to have been awarded the grant. We have never received any grants or assistance since Camel Fish started in 1990. The ice machine has made a big difference to us and will help to keep our fish to a high standard.”

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