Port of Truro study into need and economic benefits of new covered warehouse

Farmers in Cornwall will benefit from an Objective One grant recently secured by Carrick’s Integrated Area Plan Team.

The Team have assisted the Harbour Office at Truro to successfully secure £2,000 from the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund towards the cost of a study into the need and economic benefits of building a new covered warehouse at the port, primarily for use by the agricultural industry.

Whilst Carrick District Council will oversee the study, the impetus for the project has come from the private sector who are keen to identify and seize new market opportunities to become more competitive and increase the profitability of farmers and other small businesses utilising Port infrastructure as a way of achieving this.

Consultants, CS Commodity Solutions who successfully tendered to carry out the study during August 2002 will consult with a wide range of public and private sector organisations and individuals within the local area as well as consultation with appropriate national and international contacts.

Captain Andy Brigden of Truro’s Harbour Office, which has also contributed £2,000 towards the £4,000 study, said: "We are delighted to have secured this grant which will assist small businesses in the area. In recent months, there has been a notable increase in the number of inquiries for storage of malting and feed barley together with the import and export of other agricultural products. At the moment, there are no suitable temporary storage facilities at the Port so potential business is being turned away."

The study will establish the level of demand in the short, medium and long term for agricultural and other cargoes and also assess the environmental impact of building a covered storage facility and of using the river for freight movements.

The project was developed with assistance from the Carrick Integrated Area Plan (IAP) Team and is the second successful Objective One project for the team.

The IAP is the local delivery mechanism for European Objective One funding in the Carrick district and is responsible for working closely with the private, public and voluntary sector to develop successful projects which will regenerate the local area. The team offers advice and guidance on whether projects are eligible for Objective One funding; assists with the preparation of business plans and guides applicants through the Objective One funding process.

There are four IAP officers, who work across the district. To find out who your local officer is or to discuss a possible project idea please contact Cath Horton, Programme Manager, on 01872 224428 or via e-mail at iap@carrick.gov.uk.

For further information about the Feasibility Study for Covered Storage at Lighterage Quay phone Andy Brigden on 01872 272130.


Editors notes:

1. Objective One will provide revenue funding for a Feasibility Study for Covered Storage at Lighterage Quay. The Study will be match funded by Carrick District Council’s harbour funds. The total project cost is £4,000 and the Study will be completed by the end of August 2002.

2. Carrick’s IAP Team is funded by Objective One, the South West of England Regional Development Agency, Cornwall County Council and Carrick District Council. The team are employed and managed by Rural Economic Partnership Ltd which is a subsidiary of Cornwall Enterprise, a local authority company controlled by Cornwall County Council.

The Carrick IAP Team comprises a Programme Manager, an Office Assistant and four IAP Development Officers who are each responsible for covering the following geographical areas and act as a first point of contact for project ideas:

North Coast Area - George Collinge (01209 891783)

Truro Area – Mel Richardson (01872 224604)

Falmouth Area – Sarah Kerkin (01872 224568)

Penryn & the Roseland Area – Vacancy (01326 376171)

The IAP Officers work from offices within the community whilst Cath Horton, the Programme Manager, and Helen Parsons, the Office Assistant, are based at Carrick House in Truro and can be contacted on 01872 224428, or via e-mail at iap@carrick.gov.uk. Further information can be found on-line by visiting the SPIDER website at http://spider.carrick.gov.uk.

For further information contact:
Cath Horton, Carrick IAP Programme Manager on 01872 224541


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