32 year old 'Girl Patricia' revamp from Objective One

MFV Girl Patricia, owned by the Newlyn based Williams’ family and has been awarded a £7,000 Objective One Fisheries grant. The grant will be used to install insulation in the fish room.

The fish room needs to be kept cool to ensure that fish caught by Girl Patricia will be maintained at the highest quality. Keeping fish consistently chilled once caught ensures the quality by reducing deterioration and prolonging retail shelf life.

The grant will also be used to fit the 32 year old vessel with a 300 gallon water tank for the crew to use whilst offshore. At present the vessel holds a tank of only half the size and can provide the crew with basic drinking and cooking water but only limited washing water. With the new tank the basic crew comfort will be improved.

Alison Elvey Objective One Fisheries Programme Manager stated: “This project is a good example of how fishing vessel owners can benefit from Objective One funds to help their business and help the long term sustainability of the fishing industry."

Mr Williams, Part owner of MVF Girl Patricia stated: “We are delighted to get this grant as it means that we will be able to keep good crew by making sure that they have better living conditions, such as running water for washing etc.

Also, by insulating the fish room we will ensure that we land our catch to the highest quality demanded by today’s buyers, which should in turn realise better prices. This Objective One money is a tremendous boost to our business and I am glad that Objective One funds are now getting to those who need it most.”

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