Ambitious arts project leads the way

Cornwall’s artistic community has leapt at the opportunity presented by Objective One funding to create one of the most exciting marketing projects in Europe. The hugely ambitious £6 million project is one of the most comprehensive ever seen in the country. It will see Cornwall take the lead with a radical, dedicated arts marketing agency that will ensure the visual arts play their part in the county’s economic renaissance.

The scale of the project is breathtaking; it anticipates delivering 500 new jobs and more than £10 million in new sales. Forty-eight partners have come together to support the bid, ranging from art galleries, theatre companies, festivals and all the major performance venues, galleries and theatre promoters across Cornwall. At its heart lies the conviction that, through well co-ordinated marketing, the project can deliver not only more jobs, but more secure employment in a traditionally high risk area of employment. This will be achieved through an increase in sales, and by raising the profile of Cornish visual arts nationally and internationally, broadening markets and developing audiences for Cornish works.

Proof that this ambitious project can deliver the goods for the arts has been established by a successful earlier project, also run by Cornwall Arts Marketing. It is by building on the achievements and understanding generated by that project that this massive £6 million project will really start to make the difference for the arts in Cornwall.

The immense support from partners keen to extend the benefits of that programme, which saw the 'Arts Round Cornwall' identity come into being and become an essential source of information for those wanting to see performances in the county, has led to its being extended to include artists, galleries and the craft sector.

Richard Glover, Director of Cornwall Arts Marketing explains: “This project should be a source of immense pride and hope for many people. I believe that this is one of the most exciting projects to emerge from the Objective One Programme, with great potential to have a real impact on the lives of those working in the arts, and in boosting awareness of just how amazing the art in the county is. We are unique in the UK – and probably Europe – in having such a key strategic position. It is the confidence of our partners that has placed us in this vital and responsible role; but what exceptional partners we have to work with! Cornwall deserves to become the art mecca of the world with so much talent on offer.”

One of Cornwall Arts Marketing’s partners is the Eden Project. Tim Smit is impressed by the audacity of the project: “The time is right for Cornwall Arts Marketing,” he says. “Eden has achieved worldwide media exposure and it just goes to show that if you are good enough, the world will sit up and listen. For generations Cornwall has been a centre for the arts and Eden is very proud to be working with the very finest artists of our generation. We hope we can help to bring them the audience they deserve.”

The importance of this project is stressed by Objective One Programme Director Bill Bawden, who adds: “What is heartening about this bid is its scope, vision, energy and enthusiasm. There is an impressive list of partners for Cornwall Arts Marketing to work with, including the Tate St Ives, The Eden Project, Hall for Cornwall, The Minack Theatre, Kneehigh, Cornwall Crafts Association, Newly Art Gallery and the Golowan Festival.

"This project builds on the fantastic natural resources of our artistic community, which we know is world class, and the benefits will not only bring more money into the county, it will contribute greatly to the prosperity and social well being of Cornwall.”


The full funding package of £6 million has been met with an Objective One European Regional Development Fund grant of just over £2.9 million, nearly half the costs, with additional partner support from Cornwall County Council, South West Arts and Cornwall Enterprise. The project will run until December 2004.

Councillor John Lobb explains on behalf of Cornwall County Council: “We are investing in the proven track record of Cornwall Arts Marketing. The importance, and distinctiveness of the arts in Cornwall is a vital part of the mix which makes Cornwall so special and I am pleased that we are supporting such a confident, ambitious project.”

Marketing activity

The task faced by Cornwall Arts Marketing is a serious one; by combining the marketing plans of all 48 partners (a significant proportion of the county’s arts and crafts sector) a coherent sales message for the arts in Cornwall will be developed. Importantly, links will be maintained with Heritage and Tourism also.

Debbie Smith, Marketing Director of Cornwall Enterprise adds: “There is real synergy between the arts and tourism; often we are targeting the same potential markets and Cornwall Arts Marketing will play its role in generating over £12 million additional sales in tourism and related businesses.

"The positive and contemporary messages being developed by Cornwall Arts Marketing will also link with the Image and Brand for Cornwall, work which is being developed by Cornwall Enterprise.”

The marketing plan for the arts will ensure marketing help and support for all the partner organisations, as well as creating two major, high level awareness campaigns that will run throughout the life of the projects. These two major campaigns will link directly with sales campaigns for partner organisations, to ensure that the maximum benefits are accrued for all involved.

The two major campaigns will both consolidate on the existing 'Arts Round Cornwall' ARC – awareness, and market the arts through campaigns directed almost entirely out-of-county, to include London and the major regional UK markets, Japan, Europe and North America. This ambitious approach is targeted to reach the art buying markets, cultural tourism and the media.

The high level campaign will use advertising, national and international public relations campaigns, attendance at trade shows, an exhibition in London, print, website developments and e-commerce.

Those interested in finding out about the support and marketing advice offered by Cornwall Arts Marketing should contact (01872) 274427.

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