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Objective One investment for Cornwall Quality Livestock Producers

Cornwall Quality Livestock Producers (CQLP) are pleased to announce that Objective One will be investing £58,625 towards a £232,722 project to offer an improved and extended range of services and benefits to its farmer members, building on the work started under the European Objective 5B Programme.

CQLP is Cornwall's only livestock marketing co-operative placing both conventional and organic livestock. The group had grown steadily to over 300 full members, marketing over 40,000 lambs, 5,000 clean cattle and 2,000 cull cows a year to a number of abattoirs.

The starting point of the project will be the appointment of a full time company manager. Advertisements have been placed in the farming press and regional newspapers and interviews will take place in June.

The main aims of the project are to improve the quality of livestock produced by our members and to look at production systems to see where improvements can be made to reduce costs and raise profitability.
The main areas of activity within the project can be summarised as follows:

Website developments, to allow on-line booking and reduce the administrative costs and to provide members with up to date information on prices and market requirements.
The purchase and hiring-out of weighing equipment to improve performance recording of stock and associated specialist equipment needed to improve product quality, through three pilot schemes.
This project will develop key business improvement and control systems in conjunction with partners such as Duchy College and offer them to members as added-value services to support performance improvements. The services developed will seek to improve the technical abilities of producer members to improve quality and consistency of produce and reduce production costs (to meet the increasing demands of the market).
A comprehensive feasibility study into the following key areas:
Research into the developing trade customer needs, specific market opportunities, opportunities for supply chain improvement and market partnerships
In consultation with Meat South West, to explore the potential for branding beef and lamb from the region
Review developments for organic support services
Explore additional revenue sources
To review provision of environmental support and advice to members to ensure they are enabled to integrate such advice into their farm business planning. This will be conducted in consultation with the Farm and Wildlife Advisory Group

By working together the members of the co-operative will be better able to respond to the demands and challenges within the Red Meat sector in the future.

David Rodda, senior agricultural co-ordinator for the Objective One Agricultural Development Team, said: "We are delighted that this project has been successful in securing Objective One investment as it is a great example of how the Programme is enabling local farmers to develop a distinctive commercial advantage in the market place."

"We wish the 'Co-operating for the Future' project every success and hope that the farmers involved along with the wider agricultural community in Cornwall and Scilly will seize the new opportunities created by this project to bring greater efficiency, higher returns and a secure future for the meat industry in the region."

If you would like to find out more then please come and see us in the Farmers Pavilion (no 396) at the Royal Cornwall Show or contact the office on 01503 263415.

The £232,722 Co-operating for the future project has received £58,625 from the Objective One European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) match funded by DEFRA with the remaining investment coming from the private sector.

For further information contact:

Andrea Barrett
Cornwall Quality Livestock Producers
01503 263415


Editor's notes:

European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF)

EAGGF is one of the four funds that make up the Objective One Programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, which is making £314 million of investment available to support the local economy between 2000 and 2006.

EAGGF aims to:

Help preserve the link between diversified farming and the land
Improve and support the competitiveness of agriculture as a key activity in rural areas
Ensure the diversification of the economy in rural areas
Help to keep communities thriving in rural areas
Preserve and improve the environment, the landscape and the rural heritage


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Communications Manager
Objective One Partnership Office
Castle House
Pydar Street
Truro TR1 2UD
Tel: 01872 241379
Fax: 01872 241388

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