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South Bohemia working with Cornwall

Left to right: Jan Zahradnik, Carleen Kelemen, Petr Sebek, Mark Yeoman and Lenka PavlatkovaSouth Bohemia and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have been exchanging views on how to promote regional economic regeneration.

Following a meeting in Brussels this month (October) the Governor of South Bohemia, Jan Zahradnik, suggested that his region could learn much from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly's development during the Objective One Programme and staff could even be sent to this region for training.

Carleen Kelemen and Mark Yeoman, Director and Deputy Director respectively of the Objective One Partnership, had been invited to give a presentation to top level officials and politicians from the region of South Bohemia at an event in Brussels. The event was co-organised by the South West UK Brussels Office and the Region of South Bohemia Permanent Office to encourage the exchange of good practice and further cooperation between the two regions.

Following the presentation a discussion was arranged between the Partnership directors and Governor Zahradnik. He said that there were many similarities between Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and his own region, which is in the South of the Czech Republic.

The Governor explained: "Cornwall and South Bohemia have many connections - beautiful nature, underdeveloped industry, a large agricultural sector and an important tourism sector.

"In Cornwall, a military airport (RAF St Mawgan) is being developed, offering the possibility of synergies between Cornwall and South Bohemia. In South Bohemia we also want to develop a former military airport to encourage more tourism internationally. There may be a possibility of sharing experience around this. South Bohemia is particularly interested in sending their staff for training."

Governor Zharadnik also praised the way environmentally sustainable methods have been used side by side with economic development. He said: "South Bohemia also values the use of environmental protection in Cornwall to create more jobs. In South Bohemia, environmental protection is seen as a prevention of development."

Carleen Kelemen added: "This is the second presentation we have given for this region this year. It is encouraging to realise that other EU regions are looking to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for examples of good practice in using structural funds. This region has several highly successful projects that have been recognised as exemplars nationally and in the EU. It is vital that we build on these platforms of success in the Convergence programmes to further strengthen the economy of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly."

For further information please contact Clare Morgan, Media Relations Manager for the Objective One Partnership Office on 01872 223439 or email:


Editor's notes:

South Bohemia has two public universities: one old and one new. These provide good employment opportunities in the region, allowing people to learn special professions and new skills.

South Bohemia, with a population of 625,000, also had Celtic inhabitants before the Germans and Slavs.

For further information on South Bohemia see:


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